How To Make Marshmallows Popsicle

Marshmallows Popsicle


A popsicle has so much variety. The Combine of popsicle are endless and you can always have a new flavor by changing ingredients out. The marshmallow popsicle combines crispy and unique marshmallow flavor that you can’t miss. Now prepare your popsicle molds and do something different!


Prep Time Cook Time Total Time
15 mins 4 hours 15 mins 4 hours 30 mins


Marshmallows Popsicle


•100g Marshmallows

•500ml Milk


          1. Put milk and marshmallows into the pan, boil, melt and stir
          2. Pour into the mold
          3. Freeze for 4 hours
          4. Take popsicle out of the mold and enjoy

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