Roasted Pork Recipe

Roasted Pork


With minimal steps, you can get perfect roasted pork on the weekend. The boneless pork and golden crackle definitely make it worth waiting.


Prep Time Cook Time Total Time
25 mins 15 mins 40 mins


Roasted Pork Ingredients


•1 Tsp Cooking Wine

•800g Pork

•1 Tsp Starch And 1 Tsp Egg White

•6-7 Tsp Cumin

•1 Cup Oil

•50g Lettuce


          1. Marinate pork with starch, cooking wine, cumin, egg white for 20 mins
          2. Add oil in the pan and begin to roast
          3. Add cutted pepper when the meat aroma come out
          4. Eat Pork with lettuce

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