Grilled Abalone

Grilled Abalone

What is Abalone? 

They are actually not shellfish but are very large marine snails, marine gastropod mollusks in the family Haliotidae.


What Does It Taste Like? 

It could become quite tough if cooked wrong. It has a crunchy taste in the center when it eats it raw, which is amazing. Flavor-wise, it’s quite mild, subtly sweet, buttery, and features a very mild fresh ocean flavor, not in the least fishy– basically somewhat almost like scallops.


BBQ Recipes

You should Use tools to shuck, clean, and trim the abalone. Put the abalone in the refrigerator overnight so that its meat will be softer. The next day, pound the abalone whole, that’s don’t slice it. Before it comes limp, pound on every side, but do not overdo it. If you barbeque by charcoal, make sure that the abalone is far away from the coals. Take about one tablespoon of butter, and two tablespoons of juice, and about one tablespoon of chopped garlic, heat during a microwave for about twenty seconds, then mix. For a mean size abalone of eight to nine inches, cook on the grill or BBQ for about twenty minutes per side, that’s about forty minutes total. It should take almost 30 mins to process on it for a complete of 60 mins if it is a bigger abalone. Slice and serve once the abalone did cooking. It should be soft, fork could chop it.

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