What Is Potsticker?

Dumplings in Mandarin refer to meat and vegetables wrapped in noodles. Excellent food! Every family has its own dumplings and potstickers, but you will find napa cabbage and minced pork in most potstickers. Customize your dumplings by including several optional ingredients listed below. I use whatever I have, so my potstickers will be a little different every time. I have a roommate who incorporated leftovers from Chinese takeaways into his potsticker filling, and it was delicious.

What People Ask

What are potstickers made of?
A cook was boiling dumplings and forgotten them. After the water had boiled away, the dumplings stuck. He really did not know what to do, so he pried them from the frying pan and served the customer. The customers liked the contrasts between abundant dental filling, tender skin, and also crusty bottom. Hence the potsticker label was birthed, and the Chinese name for potsticker label.

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