Razor Clam

Razor Clam

What is a Razor Clam?

Razor clams’ shape looks like cut-throat razors and is usually offered year-round, but they are most abundant in the fall and during cold weather. Razor clams exude the fresh scent of an English beach! The meat under the foot of the razor clam is crunchy and has a sandy feel. The central area of the meat has a sweet shellfish-like flavor and is slightly green in color. The meat in the middle of the razor clam is whiter and softer. The flavor makes it refreshing.

What People Ask

Are razor clams dangerous?
Normally, claims are not dangerous: humans and wildlife alike enjoy their “particularly tasty” meat. But under special circumstances, the clam’s meat contains alginate, which causes diarrhea, memory loss, and even death.
Does Salt Kill clams?
Of course, real saltwater is best, otherwise, please use sea salt (not ordinary common salt) and water to make the salinity about 3.5% of water.

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